Knee Length Prom Dresses

Perfect for a girl with a vintage personal style, a knee length prom dress is unique and beautiful. Knee length or tea length prom dresses usually fall 3 or 4 inches from the knee, and are a wonderful alternative to a floor length dress. A tea length prom dress is the perfect option for a girl who wants a short dress and would still like to feel a little more covered. The design team at La Femme as come up with a large variety of tea length dress options ranging from a short floral prom dress or a tea length strapless prom dress with pockets. Pink prom dresses, red prom dresses, and white prom dresses are all easy options in this category to make finding a flattering knee length dress simple and easy. 

Knee Length Prom Gowns for a Vintage Look

For that vintage girl looking for the perfect knee length prom dress, look no further than this extensive collection by La Femme. Our knee length prom gowns are made from high quality fabrics with designer silhouettes in mind. We have created a one of a kind assortment of designer tea length dress styles that will suite a number of body types and personal styles. Historically, dress hemline began to rise in the 1920’s and tea length gowns were the most popular in this time era. By the 1930’s hemlines were back down to a woman’s ankles, and it wasn’t until the late 1940’s the dress hemlines began to rise again. Today, knee length designs are a common vintage trend to pay homage to. This classic look is simple to pull off and flatters every girl who wears it.

In this collection, expect to find a number of strapless tea length dresses includes knee length designs in both solid and floral print. La Femme also offers this silhouette in modem day colors including royal blue, yellow, and emerald. Knee length gowns are not only great for prom, but are a perfect choice for a wedding guest dress, homecoming, Easter, and even for an open number pageant dress. A classic bold red lip and a set of pin curls will ensure your vintage look is on point. Girls all of shapes and sizes will love the way this collection of dresses from La Femme fit and feel, ensuring that each person will feel confident and beautiful no matter where they wear this timeless trend to.