The Story Behind the Little Black Dress…

We recently introduced our Fall 2015 Collection and have designed a variety of short dress styles to choose from! In particular, there are several “little black dress” looks that are sure to be timeless additions to your wardrobe. The story behind the now classic “little black dress” begins with the one and only, Coco Chanel. 
Prior to Chanel publishing a short black dress in Vogue in 1926, wearing black was considered a mourning color. In the Victorian Era widows were expected to wear black for two years after their loss! Upon publishing Chanel’s look, Vogue stated the style was now “a sort of uniform for all women of taste.” 
Though the dress has varied style-wise over time, it has remained popular to wear to work, holiday parties, formal events, and more. For further information on the background of the “LBD” check out this AOL article here: 
As for La Femme, we have a few new short black styles that fit this need for a staple “LBD.” Style 22045 features a longer knee length and cut-outs in the front and back. The accessory options with this one are endless! Images of the style can be found here: 
Another favorite look this season is black lace with a nude underlining, which really makes the design of the lace fabric pop! Check out styles 22044 and 22061 (a two-piece!): 
And finally, if you are looking for a more fitted black dress we have styles 22021 and 21880 – both great for homecoming or Vegas party dresses! Take a peek at them here: 
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La Femme Little Black Dress