Caring for your La Femme Gown

You've finally found your perfect La Femme dress for your special night! Prom is a few weeks away and while you would love to try on your dress and find any excuse to bring it out, prom dresses are not like your day to day clothing. Prom gowns require particular care to keep their shape, avoid wrinkles, and stay in perfect condition for your big night. Below are some basic tips for caring for your La Femme gown to ensure your dress looks flawless at prom.

  • Finding a safe place for your prom dress is KEY. Ideally, you should store your gown in a safe room away from direct sunlight, pets, and children. The room should also be clean and dry. 
  • Be sure to look over your dress from top to bottom for any stains, rips, or hanging embellishments before you store your dress- get these issues resolved first to avoid any last minute headaches before prom night! 
  • A waterproof garment bag that is breathable and big enough for your gown is essential for protecting it from any outside elements. 
  • Always hang your dress from the hanger straps on the dress, and not from the dress straps themselves! This ensures that your dress keeps its shape, and that the fabric is not pulled or stretched incorrectly.


  • The best way to prevent wrinkles in your La Femme gown is to give it room to breathe. Make sure your garment bag is roomy enough and has a designated place to hang in your closet. 
  • Make sure that there is nothing rubbing on or against your dress while it is in storage. This lowers the likelihood of wrinkles and weird kinks in the fabric. 
  • If you do find a wrinkle, use a steamer to carefully remove it from the fabric. A dry cleaner can also do this for you in a professional setting.


  • Always follow label instructions. We have tags in each dress that can help you in cleaning and maintaining your gown and they are there to preserve the longevity of the dress! 
  • If you do find a stain or mark on your dress, take your dress to a cleaners for professional help. These individuals can spot clean your dress and have the needed experience to ensure your dress looks like new when they are finished. 
  • Holes and tears can be best fixed by a seamstress. They can also aid in fixing broken zippers and loose or fallen off beading or embellishments.

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