Gigi Prom Dresses 2018

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  • La Femme 26218

    Off the Shoulder Beaded Lace Gown with Ruffle Detail

  • La Femme 25467

    Two Piece Mermaid Style Dress with Beading

  • La Femme 25237

    Jersey Prom Dress with Cut Outs and Tonal Beading

  • La Femme 24788

    Embroidered Jersey Prom Dress with Train

  • La Femme 24654

    Jersey Dress with Sheer Beaded Back and Waist

  • La Femme 24653

    Off the Shoulder Two Piece Dress with Open Back

  • La Femme 24648

    Two Piece Lace Top Prom Dress with Mermaid Skirt

  • La Femme 24646

    Two Piece Prom Dress with Jacquard Flare Skirt

  • La Femme 24615

    Two Piece Lace Prom Dress with Flare Skirt

  • La Femme 24574

    Long Chiffon Prom Dress with Sheer Lace Back

  • La Femme 24573

    Strapless Dress with Beaded Top with Flare Skirt

  • La Femme 24565

    Flare Lace Prom Dress with High Neck and Low Back

  • La Femme 24564

    Two Piece Chiffon Dress with Lace Top and Beaded Belt

  • La Femme 24562

    Beaded Prom Gown with Mermaid Skirt and Beading

  • La Femme 24558

    High Neck Dress with Sheer Beaded Top and Belt