Evening Dresses 2018

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  • La Femme 19186

    Long A-line Chiffon Gown with Matching Jacket

  • La Femme 19183

    Strapless Chiffon Long Prom Gown with Lace Applique

  • La Femme 19181

    Long Chiffon Prom Gown with Lace Panel Detail

  • La Femme 19179

    Long Chiffon Prom Dress with an Embellished Lace Bodice

  • La Femme 19177

    Fitted Sequin Prom Dress with Satin Belt

  • La Femme 19175

    Long Strapless A-line Dress with Lace Bodice

  • La Femme 19171

    Long Chiffon Dress with Lace Bodice and Illusion Sleeves

  • La Femme 19167

    Short Lace Dress with Satin Belt and Sequin Underlay

  • La Femme 19162

    One Shoulder Chiffon Prom Dress with Embellished Lace Bodice

  • La Femme 19150

    Long Chiffon Gown with Overlay Embellished Lace

  • La Femme 19149

    Long Gown with Lace Sleeves and Fitted Waist

  • La Femme 19148

    One Shoulder Chiffon Gown with Lace Beading on Bodice

  • La Femme 19146

    Long Chiffon Dress with Embellished Lace on Bodice

  • La Femme 19144

    Long A-line Dress with Lace Overlay on Bodice and Sleeves

  • La Femme 19143

    Long Gown with Pleated Bodice and Sheer Lace Back